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Ditto या कंपनीमध्ये वर्क फ्रॉम होम साठी भरती निघाली आहे. तुमच्या पात्रतेनुसार तुम्ही अप्लाय करू शकतात.

About Ditto-

  • Our Mission: We give you the same insurance advice as if we were in your shoes– Ditto!! Get it?
  • Our Team: We are a team of over 200 members now, located all over India.
  • Funded by Zerodha, India’s Largest Stock Broking company: Yeah…Nithin Kamath is our neighbor. 
  • Made by India’s Largest Financial Newsletter: We also own one of India’s largest financial newsletters–Finshots. We have 500K+ subscribers and 1M+ followers on social media, and our podcast Finshots Daily is amongst the top 3 podcasts in India!
  • LinkedIn’s Top Startup: Oh, did we mention– We won LinkedIn’s Top Startup in just one year of operating as a company. 
  • Top-Rated Insurance Company: We have a whopping 4.9 rating with almost 2000 reviews on Google. 

सल्लागार वर्क प्रोफाईल | Insurance Advisory (Remote)

  • No Sales Targets: We’ve never believed in having targets. So, feel free to push yourself as much as possible, but you won’t have a target to chase
  • No Prior Experience Required: We don’t care where you are from. Or what you’ve done. If you can speak well and are ready to learn something new, you’re in
  • No spam, No mis-selling: You will only be talking to people who’ve reached out to us through call or WhatsApp. And since we never spam customers, you won’t have to deal with unruly people either. 

इंटरव्ह्यू प्रोसेस

तुमचा अर्ज सिलेक्ट झाल्यास तुम्हाला एक छोटा व्हिडिओ रेझ्युमे रेकॉर्ड करण्यासाठी ईमेलद्वारे एक लिंक येईल.


त्यामुळे तुमचा ईमेल इनबॉक्स चेक करत रहावा. आणि ही प्रोसेस गरजेची असल्याने ती रेकॉर्ड करा. तुम्ही व्हिडिओ पाठवल्यानंतर खालीलप्रमाणे इंटरव्ह्यू राउंड होतील. सर्व इंटरव्ह्यू एका आठवड्यातच पूर्ण करण्याचा प्रयत्न कंपनीकडून होतो.

एकूण ४ इंटरव्ह्यू राउंड

  1. HR Introductory Call
  2. Task 1
  3. Task 2
  4. Final Managerial Round

Insurance Advisor

  • नोकरीचे ठिकाण – वर्क फ्रॉम होम(रिमोट)
  • नोकरीचा प्रकार – फुल टाईम

आवश्यक स्किल्स

  • उत्कृष्ट कम्युनिकेशन स्कील
  • अचूकता आणि तपशीलाकडे लक्ष
  • इंग्रजी मध्ये चांगले कौशल्य
  • कंप्युटरचे बेसिक नॉलेज असणे आवश्यक
  • प्रभावीपणे संवाद साधण्याची, सादर करण्याची आणि प्रभाव पाडण्याची क्षमता असणे आवश्यक

मिळणारे फायदे

Perks & Benefits

At Ditto, we value and reward your contributions. As part of our team, you’ll enjoy:

  • Work from Home: You can enjoy working at Ditto from the comfort of your home.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Embark on an exciting journey with the freedom to lead new advisory initiatives, impacting both your career and the company’s trajectory.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance: Your well-being matters. We’ve got you covered – literally.
  • Competitive Compensation: A competitive CTC of 4.5LPA (Fixed) with additional incentives based on performance. The median salary of our advisors post-training tallies up to Rs. 43,000 a month. 
  • Wellness leaves: Take a break when you need it. No questions asked. Your mental health is a priority to us!
  • Off-site & Events: We play hard as well as work hard. Join us for some fun and games after hours.

Career Page- Link

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