TATA Imagination | टाटा फ्री कोर्सेस + इंटर्नशिप + जॉबची संधी

टाटा फ्री कोर्सेस + इंटर्नशिप + जॉबची संधी 🎯 २लाख कॅश प्राईज | TATA Imagination | Tata Recruitment

Tata Imagination Challenge 2021: Stages and Timelines
Treasure Hunt
Get ready to set sail on an Online Treasure hunt in order to explore the Tata world. (This is not a preliminary round)

To participate, follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign up on www.Dare2Compete.com

Step 2: Register for the Tata Imagination Challenge 2021 and choose your track

Step 3: Kick-start your journey

Awards & Prizes:

More Gratifications:

  • Popular Choice Awards: Top 3 ideas to be awarded by Popular Choice. In this round, all ideas will be open for voting. Based on the popular choice, the top 3 most voted ideas will be selected. These will be entirely independent of the jury assessments.
  • Participation certificate to top participants in each discipline
  • “Settle for more Idea”: Apart from the participants and ideas that make it to Round 3, unique ideas would be identified, acknowledged and Tata CliQ vouchers will be awarded.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for participants of Round 3
  • Taj vouchers for Mini-Challenge Winners

Apply LINK- Website

अश्याच महत्वाच्या Business ideas Marathi  महतीसाठी आजचा आपलं टेलिग्राम चॅनल जॉईन करा, काही विचारायचं असल्यास इंस्टाग्राम ला मेसेज करा.


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