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सोप्पं काम 🎯 वर्क फ्रॉम मोबाईल | नो इन्व्हटमेन्ट | part time online job | Work from Mobile Marathi

Who are Toluna Influencers?

Toluna Influencers are everyday people just like you, connected to many via multiple digital media channels including our online community. As a Toluna Influencer, you are empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you! Share your opinion by answering our surveys, inspire change in real time.
Your voice + Our voice = The Voice of Change. We promise that your opinion will have a direct impact on companies and how they market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like you. Not only that, with Toluna your participation is recognized and you will be awarded points that you can exchange for cash and/or rewards.

So, are you ready to join us and begin influencing your world?

What is a survey?

Surveys are created by our clients who are mostly market research agencies and brands.
Most of the time our surveys will last between 15 and 20 minutes.
Each survey will start with a few questions that will make sure you are part of the targeted demographic group needed for the study. Sometimes, determining whether someone qualifies for a survey takes just a few questions, other times it may take more.When you do not qualify for a survey, your responses cannot be used in the final research findings, and therefore are never transferred to our clients.
You can access surveys on Toluna or via an invitation sent to your inbox. Don’t forget that by filling in your profile surveys on Toluna you will have a greater chance of being selected for specific surveys.


What are the rewards?

Rewards are what Toluna offers for your time spent giving your opinion. You receive rewards in the form of points which can be redeemed for a large selection of vouchers including Amazon, or even cold hard cash! You also get points for simple things like signing up, filling out your profile surveys and creating quality content. But once your balance starts growing it’s up to you what rewards you get and when you cash them in.

Apply website- LINK

अश्याच महत्वाच्या Business ideas Marathi  महतीसाठी आजचा आपलं टेलिग्राम चॅनल जॉईन करा, काही विचारायचं असल्यास इंस्टाग्राम ला मेसेज करा.

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